Yoga for Leaders and Others – Philip Fried

Mountain Pose

Stand tall, with feet together,
shoulders relaxed. Emote
the imperturbable power
of mountains to endure
pelting rain and rockfall,
erosion’s perpetual terror.
Indignation is elemental
but the peak does not acknowledge
the collateral damage of scree.

Take three deep breaths. Resume
holiday. Stay in touch.


Warrior Pose

Stand with legs apart
like sturdy tree roots, right
foot turned out 90 degrees
and left foot turned in slightly.
With right hand seize the horizon
and stare out, emanating
an aura of sensitive menace
that says while the day will be won
the losses are personally felt.

Hold for one minute before
resuming normal posture.


Bridge Pose

Like a bridge over turbulent water,
lie supine on floor with knees
bent. Place arms at sides,
exhale, then press downward and lift
hips. Bringing chest toward chin –
your whole body enacting
the need to be calm, in the face
of probable injustice –
hold for just one minute.

Model a deep breath
and resume holiday.


Child’s Pose

Like a villager, squat on your heels.
Roll your torso forward,
bringing your forehead to rest
on the bed in front of you
letting your body express
its grief of gristle and bone.
Lower your chest as close
to your knees as you comfortably can.
All viewers will understand.

No need to speak. Hold the pose
and breathe. Just breathe.